Being a songwriter myself, I had an intense interest in this story that appears in Ashley B. Saunder's book "The History Of Bimini" New World Press. What follows is an interview he conducted with Nathaniel Saunders on September 25, 1980.


Q.: What can you tell us about Ernest Hemingway?

N.S.: Papa Hemingway was a kind hearted man, but he used to like to fight. He like action all the time.

Q.: Did he stir up any fights?

N.S.: No, he never stir up none. He always like to see boxing going on. This is it. He don't want nobody to hurt each other, and he don't want anybody to take advantage of anybody. Have a good time and go on.

Q.: But suppose someone else wanted to start a fight?

N.S.: Well, then Papa Hemingway would fight the fella. The fella that want to fight,well let Papa Hemingway fight him.

Q.: If someone start a fight in a bar and Ernest Hemingway was not around would you or someone else go and call him.

N.S.: Yeah man. He use to tell me whenever any fight or anything start come on up there by the Compleat Angler and call him and let him come down. One night we was playing aboard a yacht and a fella started a fight. He fired off a pistol and wanted to be bad and so forth like that. So I went up to the Compleat Angler and called Papa Hemingway. He say, "Who's there?" I say, this me, I say, "A fella down by the the dock wants to fight." So when Papa Hemingway got there he said, "Who is it here wants to fight?" And you couldn't hear a pin drop. You couldn't hear a sound. As much loud mouth as this guy had. You couldn't hear a sound. Nobody say nothing because that was Papa Hemingway.

Q.: Did Ernest Hemingway inspire you to write any songs?

N.S.: Yeah, I wrote a song call the 'Big Fat Slob'. There was this very rich man by the name of Mr. Knapp. It was on the Government Dock. Papa Hemingway was there with his native straw hat on. So Papa Hemingway say something ordinarily. No harsh words. So Mr. Knapp called Mr. Hemingway a 'Big fat slob". And Mr. Hemingway ball his fist and pow! Hit him and put him to sleep. All of that is in the song:








Nathaniel "Piccalo Pete" Saunders


Mr. Knapp called Mr. Hemingway

A Big Fat Slob

Mr. Ernest Hemingway balled his fist

And gave him a knob



Big fat slob in Bimini

This is the night we have fun

Oh the big fat slob in Bimini

This the night we got fun



Mr. Knapp look at him and try to mock

And from the blow

Mr. Knapp couldn't talk

At first Mr. Knapp thought

He had his bills in stalk

And when Mr. Ernest Hemingway walk

The dock rocked



Mr. Knapp couldn't laugh

Mr. Ernest Hemingway grin

Put him to sleep

With a knob on his chin





Mr. Knapp call Mr Hemingway a big fat slob, Mr. Hemingway ball his fist and gave him a knob. Boy, Papa Hemingway use to like me for that song.