not really


Several people who have skimmed through these pages have drawn the conclusion that I must somehow be related to the Knapp's.

I'M NOT....for the time pressed that explanation will have to do...for the enquiring minds, all of my reasons for researching the Knapp's are clearly laid out (at least I think they are) within the text of the website and are summed up on the page What If....however the What If page will not be that clear without reading what lies before it.


That said allow me to present here a few degrees of seperation via the talents of James Montgomery Flagg. Mr. Flagg was an artist best known for his depiction of Uncle Sam in the I Want You poster. He was also a close friend of my grandfather Jack Spooner and presented him with several pieces of artwork over the years including this sketch.


Mr. Flagg had quite a career as an illustrator for the leading magazines of the day such as Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, American Magazine, etc. This ad appeared in the November 1933 issue of The American Magazine. It was a similiar magazine to Collier's except it was a monthly . Both were owned by Joseph Palmer Knapp, who employed Mr. Flagg to illustrate this ad for another Knapp family you see we are All In The Family.


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