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Miss Demure

Dateline Brooklyn, NY Saturday August 24, 2002

After two years of looking for a documented photo of him, I have finally found the very elusive,

and even more private than his father J.P. Knapp ....

Mr. Joseph F. "Dodi" or is it "Doty" Knapp!

Totally by "accident"??... I was in Brooklyn for a week to help my son Erik move into his apartment, as he starts his college career at Pratt. On one of the many days the movers did not show up, I took a whirlwind trip out east on Long Island. One of my stops was to Dan Acernio's marine restoration shop in Sayville to look at some photos of W. S. Dana's boats. As I closed the book there he was on the back page of a 1925 Hall - Scott catalog, sitting in "Miss Demure" his Sea Sled, during the roaring twenties. And roar Dodi could, with four hundred horsepower behind him and I'd bet a case of Cutty Sark sitting in one of the rear seats!







 Through the years since 2002 I have found out a lot more about The Knapps and their association with Sea Sleds and if you use the newly installed Search Engine on the main web page portal you can quickly find them. This is the latest in my findings and puts the earliest date yet on the above mentioned boat. It is from Yachting Magazine of July 1924 probably before "Miss Demure" the speed boat champion of The Great South Bay Yacht Club for 1927 with Gertrude O. Knapp at the helm even had a name.

FULL SPRAY AHEAD errr behind that is


Millionaire see Millionaire Have .... My earliest assumption as to whom the passenger is with Dodi Knapp was that it may of been LeeRoy Ross of Moriches. Lee Roy was a local taxi driver who palled around with Dodi and his sister Claire in Mastic back then and did odd jobs for them. He also went hunting, camping with Knapp and took care of their boats and may of been the Ross family member who trapped seagulls for the Bonney Gull Boondogle Experiment? Not having a photo of LeeRoy it is only an educated guess. However with the addition now of Mr. Childs Frick's name into the fray and this pic of the same (albeit it an older one), that could very well be a younger Childs in the passenger seat with serious looking Captain Knapp. Childs Frick was a benafactor and trustee at the American Museum of Natural History of which Dodi's friends and Mastic neighbors Mr. J . T. Nichols and Mr. W. S. Dana were deeply involved with.

Dodi & Childs?, or Lee Roy?? or _______ ???



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