So it was around noon that Kenny V. headed out east to work as I waited back at his house for Marty Van Lith to come by and take me to the MMS Library where we were scheduled to do an "oral history" on their new digital recorder. Marty has learned ten times more about me in the last four years and I vice versa and he was to be the interviewer. Though we live 1000 miles apart,we both now know much more than we ever knew about each other back in our William Floyd school daze from 1959-64 because of this website.

But first we had ourselves some lunch at the ever appropiate "William Floyd Diner" so aptly named because of it's location ( right on the parkway and just a short walk to the original school) Martin opted for the "William Special" a grilled chicken platter that I'm sure would of astonished "The Signer" if he was ever served such an item. He said it was very good.... As for me ..well you can't go wrong with a cheeseburger now can you? It was while at lunch Marty said "I've got some bad news for you".........before I could really get anxious about what that might be, he blurted it out " Before I left the house, I got a phone call from the library and there is a reporter waiting there for you since 11 AM!" ..... "A reporter from where?", I asked "The Press of Manorville", he said. "Well if it's Ms. Linton she's a little early", I said. "She called me last week in Nashville and we set up the appointment for 11 AM on Tuesday". We ate our lunch and headed over to the Library which isn't but a stones throw from the diner. We were met outside by someone new since I was there last year. Why it was none other than "The Signer" himself standing sentry like over the establishment's entrance. His pal Tom Jefferson who visited Will in Mastic after the Revolution, once had a fine library too, but Tom got himself into some financial difficulty and the government got a hold of his books. Today it is called The Library Of Congress. Will was having none of that Thom Foolery from these two refugees from his school house down the road and he was looking quite protective!


I had never seen "Moon Cabbage" before and I doubt Will had either.

Marty who you recall had the "William Special", assured the skeptical patriot that this visitor

although an Englishman by birth, was indeed not a Tory and we were allowed to enter!

It was nice to see Linda Knel, Josephine Wurthenow and Brad Shupe again and I explained to them that Marty had to pack to leave for his western trip. So even though there was a reporter waiting to do a story on Sunday's show, we needed to do this oral history thing first so he could be on his way. All agreed and we were sent off to a little room and basically shot the breeze for about an hour covering a host of my recollections about growing up in Mastic Beach from 1950 - 1964. We were all over the map with stories and they tell me this will become part of the permanent library archives. Then Marty went on his way and I met with Caroline Linton and got to shoot the breeze with her for another hour or so about how I got so deeply involved with the Knapps and this Mastic Area History after being gone from the area for over a quarter of a century. It was a very enjoyable interview and I learned that her family goes way back in Long Island history and were related by marriage to Richard Floyd ( William's cousin who owned the "Pattersquas" estate)


On Tuesday I got to spend most of the day with retired race driver Marty "That's History" Himes who I first met in 1994 when I started doing research for my Long Island racing book " Long Ride On A Short TracK" We have been fast friends ever since and I never fail to visit with him someplace or go to his museum in Bay Shore when I'm back on the Island. We had no specific plans but when Marty came by in his '56 Ford Victoria, he asked me if I wanted to visit the Suffolk County Police museum in Yaphank, a place he now works at part time. "Sure thing", I said . I had just recently added in a section to the website on The Brookhaven Town Police when I interviewed retired officer William Baessler and his wife Gloria who were long time Mastic Beach pioneers. ..... and so off we went. Yaphank settled 1726, has always has held a fascination for me ever since I first went swimming in the lake there around 1952. We used to drive to the lake in our Model A Ford coupe, which was an adventure itself. And of course some of you website readers know there is also a "Knapp Connection" to Yaphank. Some of the museum is located at the county police headquarters and part of it is in the old restored Yaphank Garage. It was to the garage of course where we first headed.



Marty Himes who is the Fleet Manager for the Suffolk County Police Historical Society and I were met inside by Thom Smith & Ed Johntry, two veteran officers of the SCPD each with well over 30 years "on the job" and who are respectively the Director & Historian of The Suffolk Police Museum. When Marty told them about my history project, we all sat down and had ourselves a very nice chat that lasted well into the afternoon. Lots of good stories got passed around the table. When I mentioned that I had some material about the Brookhaven Town Police and even the Brookhaven Town Junior Police on my web site and that I had recently interviewed Bill Baessler, Thom pointed me in the direction of one of their displays and I saw this photo straight away. Naturally I had to have a copy of it!

Bill and daughter Caroline Baessler circa 1953

Thom also handed me this book to look through from the first year the Brookhaven force was established. There were lots of connections to people and places on the website via the advertisers.

Officers Oakley & Waldron were some of the earliest Police ever mentioned on this web site when they appeared in this news item about the destruction of The Woodhull Mansion in Mastic Beach in 1938 while General Woodhull was being honored for the first time just down the block from it on Memorial Day. Arthur Waldron was partners with his brother Augie in the Brookhaven Garage a Studebaker Dealer on the fork of South Country Rd & Montauk Hwy. And Augie Waldron was also chief steward at Riverhead Raceway when I drove there.


Both Little & Big

Big Ed was still the Chief when we were kids in the mid '50's.

We were told by our parents that we would have to face him if any of his men like Sgt. Burkhardt ever ran us in for

playing in the Knapp Mansion.


Whole Lotta Ducks! Ol' J. P. Knapp would certainly approve. Sharp eyed readers should recognize Edith M. Sturges' name from the previous page.

Bloxon Builders are in all the St. Andrew's Mastic Beach Directories . Wonder how many of the bungalows are theirs?
According to Greta Tucker, Dr. Jones
was a partner with her grandfather Paul Schulte during prohibition days

Have you seen the Libaire Family Photo Albums?

There are two of them on the site located HERE

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